Spray candy

These colorful bottles and tubes might look like the contents of a wizard’s closet, but they’re really just another fun way to feed your sweet tooth! Our assortment of liquid candy features a bunch of the wildest and wackiest products available, as well as some timeless favorites. Add them to your candy buffet for an unexpected feature that everyone will rave about!


Brain Blasterz Candy Spray Mega Sour

Brain Blasterz
28 ml
Mega sour candy spray from Brain Blasterz in two delicious fruit flavours; apple & strawberry. If you dare! Spray directly into mouth. Warning! Not for babies, wimps or adults
Sour Blast Candy Spray 57 g Sour Blast Candy Spray 57 g 2
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    Sour Blast Candy Spray is shaped in a grenade and comes in 3 different flavours! Green Apple, Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. Think you're ready for taste this intense? Then it's time to try one of these babies on for size! 

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