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Jelly Belly Mixed Emotions

Jelly Belly
28 g
Whether you are having a happy day or a grumpy one, there’s a Jelly Belly Jelly Bean for everyone in the new Mixed Emotions Collection. Share your feelings with Jelly Belly Mixed Emotions jelly beans featuring flavors with expressive faces and coordinating colors. Favourite flavours of Jelly Belly beans are paired with an emotion, and finished with the...
Hawaiian Punch Candy Jellies
These new soft, round jellies are made with top Hawaiian Punch flavors and packaged in high impact bags. The new Hawaiian Punch Candy Jellies will feature five flavors: Fruit Juicy Red, Orange Ocean, Lemon Berry Squeeze, Berry Blue Typhoon and Green Berry Rush. No matter which flavor is your jam, you'll be satisfied with these chewy gummies!
These gourmet jelly beans come in up to 20 flavours that range from delicious to disgusting, including marshmallow, tutti-frutti, grass, soap, and earwax. Get a bag of tasty jelly beans blended with some decidedly weird and downright wild ones! It's confectionery magic!

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