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Browse our collection of traditional American and british cakes - from red velvet cake and tea cakes to snowballs and cup cakes. We have the famous Hostess cakes in stock, including Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs and other classic treats. The Scottish Tunnock's, including Tea Cakes, Caramel Wafer and snow balls. 

Hostess Ding Dongs Hostess Ding Dongs 2
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    Hostess Ding Dongs

    10 Pack - 360 g
    You know you love Ding Dongs if the sound of the doorbell makes you drool. And if that’s the case, you’re not alone. Because the Ding Dong is the king of all cakes. And in this majestic land of snacking, the Ding Dong reigns supreme over many loyal subjects. Available in single serve.
    Mrs. Freshley's Vanilla Cupcakes 102 g
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      Mrs. Freshley's Vanilla Cupcakes

      Mrs. Freshley's
      102 g
      There's something special inside these Mrs. Freshley's cakes and you can taste it in every bite — delicious creme. Sponge Cake with Vanilla Flavour Frosting and Candy Sprinkles.  These vanilla cupcakes come in twin packs as once you've had one, you'll definitely want another! They're made up of delicious, moist vanilla sponge cake with a sweet crème centre.
      Tunnock's Tea Cakes 6 x 24 g Tunnock's Tea Cakes 6 x 24 g 2
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        Tunnock's Tea Cakes

        6 x 24 g
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        Skotsk delvis håndlavede flødeboller med blød kiksebund, overtrukket med lys mælkechokolade. Blød skumfidus på et kikseunderlag helt overtrukket med rigtig mælkechokolade. Tea cakes. En lækker kiksebund med en skumfidus ovenpå og dækket med rigtig mælkechokolade. Blød skumfidus på en kiksebund fuldstændig dækket med rigtig mælkechokolade. Teakage 24 g.

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