Many people fear ordering their everyday supplies online simply because it leaves them unable to pick and choose their own products. At iKiosk you are enjoying the very same security that you would in a regular shop. The only difference is, that we will do what you would usually do yourself when choosing items in a store. We make sure that the expiration date has not expired before packing up your order. At iKiosk all products are sold as prepacked foodstuff which means that the product concist of an item that is sealed in some sort of container.

We have made it possible for our costumers to get the same information when ordering goods online, that you would also have access to when shopping in a regular store.  Product details which manufactures are required by legislation to print on prepacked foodstuffs, is also shown on our website in connection with the purchase.

On the product page, the following information is given: 

iKiosk has an approved as well as implemented a self-checking programme. The checking programme concists of procedures for checking temperatures not only in packing rooms but also during the transport all the way to the customer. The checking programme also includes guidelines for cleaning, goods handling and so on. The latest smiley report for our storage facility in Odense can be checked out by following this link. See our latest smiley report.  

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