Delivery Information


On weekdays, we aim to send your package within 24 hours after you have placed an order. If you place an order before 1 p.m. on weekdays, we aim to ship the order the same day. We ship all orders with PostNord, DAO or GLS.

The delivery options are available on orders placed before 1.00 p.m. local time Monday to Friday (excluding bank and public holidays). Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday or on Bank holidays will be processed on the following working day.

Delivery options

You can choose, how you want your package delivered, when checking out. In all countries you can ship to a private address or a business address. In some countries it is also possible to have the parcel delivered to a ParcelShop.


Click & Collect

Orders placed before 1:00pm will be available to collect the same day after 2:00pm. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be available for collection on Monday after 2:00pm. 

We will notify you when your order is ready for collection.


PostNord MyPack Home

When you choose delivery with distribution via PostNord, your package will be delivered to your address - if you are not home, the package will be delivered to the nearest post office.

Your package will be at the post office for 14 days - subsequently it will be returned to iKiosk and the transaction will be canceled.

Remember to bring valid a photo ID, if you need to pick up your package at the post office.

PostNord MyPack Collect

When you choose delivery without distribution via PostNord your package will be delivered to the nearest post office or 24-hour box called ”Døgnboks”.

The package will be handed out upon presentation of receipt, SMS or e-mail as well as valid identification.

DAO Shops

DAO are the only distributor to offer early morning delivery to more than 6,500 shops before they open. Early in the morning. 365 days a year.

More than 99% of the deliveries are next-day deliveries.


GLS ShopDeliveryService

PGLS delivers parcels directly to a ParcelShop. The recipient selects in advance the ParcelShop to which the parcel should be sent.

Once parcels have arrived, GLS informs recipients by e-mail or SMS. They can collect their parcels from the GLS ParcelShop at a suitable time.

GLS PrivateDelivery

GLS delivers parcels on working days from Monday to Friday – in Denmark usually the following workday. This standard delivery time is not assured or guaranteed, however. Parcels are transported by road, so traffic holdups can lead to delays.

However, if you are not present at the time of parcel delivery, the delivery driver will take the parcel to a ParcelShop nearby and leave a notification card. On it, you will find the parcel number, name and address of the ParcelShop were you can pick up the parcel. You can pick it up the same day after 4 p.m. or within 10 working days.

DAO Europe

Reliable international parcel delivery: DAO delivers parcels to 23 states in Europe.

Delivery in standard delivery times of 24-96 hours. 

Continuous shipment tracking, in many countries in real time and second delivery attempt included, if private customers are not at home.


Shipping Rates

We deliver to most countries in Europe. To check we deliver to where you live, please refer to the table below. 

DK Delivery

  • DAO Shop (39.00 DKK)
  • PostNord MyPack Collect (39,00 DKK)
  • GLS ShopDeliveryService (39,00 DKK)
  • PostNord MyPack Home (59,00 DKK)
  • GLS PrivateDelivery (59,00 DKK)
  • Click & Collect ( 0,00 DKK)
  • DAO Europe

Free shipping in Denmark with GLS ShopDelivery/PostNord Collect and DAO Shop when you spend over 499 DKK. 

Internartional Delivery

Countries < 1 kg < 2 kg < 5 kg < 10 kg < 30 kg Transit Time
Sweden 49 DKK 49 DKK 49 DKK 62 DKK 153 DKK 2-4
Belgium 49 DKK 49 DKK 49 DKK 62 DKK 62 DKK 2
Finland 56 DKK 56 DKK 56 DKK 56 DKK 66 DKK 3-5
France 53 DKK 62 DKK 83 DKK 120 DKK 120 DKK 3
Germany 37 DKK 37 DKK 41 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 2
Italy 65 DKK 65 DKK 65 DKK 65 DKK 65 DKK 3-5
Netherlands 52 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 3
Czech Republic 78 DKK 78 DKK 78 DKK 78 DKK 78 DKK 4
Greece 78 DKK 83 DKK 99 DKK 128 DKK 206 DKK 4
Estonia 78 DKK 83 DKK 99 DKK 128 DKK 206 DKK 4
Hungary 78 DKK 83 DKK 99 DKK 99 DKK 99 DKK 4
United Kingdom 52 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 52 DKK 2-3
Luxembourg 61 DKK 61 DKK 61 DKK 61 DKK 61 DKK 3
Austria 66 DKK 66 DKK 89 DKK 89 DKK 89 DKK 5
Latvia 78 DKK 83 DKK 99 DKK 128 DKK 128 DKK 5-6
Lithuania 78 DKK 83 DKK 99 DKK 128 DKK 128 DKK 5
Romania 78 DKK 83 DKK 99 DKK 128 DKK 171 DKK 5
Spain 43 DKK 43 DKK 55 DKK 65 DKK 159 DKK 4-6
Portugal 43 DKK 43 DKK 55 DKK 65 DKK 159 DKK 4-5
Poland 78 DKK 78 DKK 78 DKK 78 DKK 78 DKK 5
Switzerland 86 DKK 101 DKK 163 DKK 185 DKK 315 DKK 4-6
Slovakia 76 DKK 82 DKK 99 DKK 119 DKK 119 DKK 5
Slovenia 76 DKK 82 DKK 99 DKK 119 DKK 119 DKK 4

Tracking of orders

Once your order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email and you will be able to track your order with the link provided in the email.

Any tracking information will not be provided until after midnight ET on the day your package ships.

Delivery Problems

If you see any problem with delivery with your tracking number the first thing you need to do is call your local post office and try and fix the problem before they return the package to us. Their is nothing we can do on our end, the problem will be on your end.

We ship the package to the exact name and address you type in, we do not change anything. If you give us a bad name or address and your package gets returned to us, you will need to pay the new shipping charge.

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