About iKiosk

iKiosk is the largest and leading importer of American, Japanese and British products in Denmark. On this page, you will find a large variety of well-known products, everything from basic daily items to special delicacies. Our unique assortment make us the preferred provider for thousands of Danes who love American and British staple goods.

We have a great affection for American and British products and wish these to be accessible for the entire Danish population.    It is our priority that our customers find it easy to shop at iKiosk and our webshop, therefore, provides a safe platform when shopping for your favorite products. It is our declared mission to ensure that buying American and British products online is just as easy as buying goods at the physical stores.

Our motto is, therefore, “American and British goods whenever you desire”.   Our goal is to provide these unique products, while extending our range with new and exciting products. Whether it is Hershey chocolates, Reese’s Peanut butter, Jolly Rancher candy or less known brands, we will strive to import a great variety of products to satisfy every individual 


We began life in a small grocery store in Odense, selling some skittles and Dr Pepper, purely by chance. Such was the popularity of the drink and the difficulties involved in getting it to the country that it opened up to an opportunity.

The popularity of the store soon inspired us to launch our first website in 2016 and by 2017 we had doubled our original selection of around 50 products. Now, in 2018, our range includes American candy, British sweets and Japanese confectionery as well as quality Australian chocolate.  

Today we import over 1000 different candies, drinks, chocolates and foods. We are the largest and leading importer of American, Japanese and British products in Denmark and are  constantly looking for new delights to share with you.

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