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Crispy Prince Polo, chewy caramels…what other sweets gained popularity in Poland under communism and are still bought today? E. Wedel, Wawel, Cheetos are all huge Polish brand enjoyed by the Polish people today. EXPLORE THE RICHNESSOF POLISH SWEETS DELIGHT

Wawel Dark Chocolate Deserowa

Wawel Dark Chocolate Deserowa

100 g
Perfect plain chocolate with a unique flavour and scent. You will find 43% of cocoa mass from the best variety of cocoa beans in it. Contains no palm oil, flavours or E476, with lecithin from certified (non-GMO) soya beans.
Miodelka Chcolate Hazelnut Cream with Honey and Bredsticks Miodelka Chcolate Hazelnut Cream with Honey and Bredsticks 2
  • Reduced price / -50%
DKK4.98 DKK9.95
Chocolate, hazelnuts and honey. All ingredients combined in ideal proportions, making Miodelka a delicious spread. Its unique character is additionally reinforced by lack of artificial colorants and preservatives. 

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