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One of the world's best candy and bubble gum brands. Zed Candy is a branded manufacturer of confectionery in Dublin, Ireland. They make gum, jelly beans, hard candy and Jawbreakers. The brands have been loved by generations of children across the world for over 50 years.

Zed Candy Golf Balls 25.8 g Zed Candy Golf Balls 25.8 g 2
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    Zed Candy Golf Balls

    Zed Candy
    25.8 g
    Britain and Ireland’s favourite gum ball for over 50 years. Those white dimples have provided generations of gum lovers with a wonderful minty pleasure that holds a special place in confectionery history. A certified original retro sweet, Zed Candy Golf Balls are bubble gums that look exactly like real golf balls – white, dimply and round. Not as big as a...

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