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Created in 1923 and designed to capture the taste of malted milk shakes, MILKY WAY chocolate candy was named after a famed malted milk drink of the day, not the Milky Way galaxy. MILKY WAY bars are made of chocolate malt-flavored nougat and caramel covered with milk chocolate.

MilkyWay Fudge 2 Bars 85.1 g MilkyWay Fudge 2 Bars 85.1 g 2
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    Milky Way Fudge 2 Bars

    Milky Way
    85.1 g
    Enjoy the delicious combination of milk chocolate, creamy caramel and fudge nougat. This is the share a size bar with 2 bars in each pack. Delicious Milk Chocolate, Fudge Nougat and Creamy Caramel. Pack one of these full-size chocolate bars in your lunch for a distractingly delicious afternoon treat

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