List of products by brand Lotte

Lotte Confectionery is a South Korean company. Many of Lotte's products are sold internationally in areas with Japanese and/or Korean immigrants. The confectionery line-up covers a wide range of snacks including gums, candies, biscuits, and chocolates.

Lotte Black Black Caffeine Chewing Gum Lotte Black Black Caffeine Chewing Gum 2
This unique gum has a very distinctive minty and menthol taste, and as it contains caffeine it's sure to wake you up and give you a refreshed feeling. Ingredients such as oolong tea extract, gingko extract, and caffeine give this gum that extra punch!. This Japanese gum is charcoal grey in colour, has an amazingly strong mint flavour, and contains...
Lotte Choco Pie Lotte Choco Pie 2

Lotte Choco Pie

28 g
Cream filled biscuits dipped in delicious Choco. Enjoy delicacy of Lotte Choco pie with a combination of high quality chocolate, delicate soft cake and fluffy marshmallow in every bite. A perfect snack to enjoy it with your family.
LOTTE Pokemon Chewing Candy Cola
Delicious cola flavoured chewing candy strips. Inside each pack you'll find 5 individually packed pieces of cola flavored candy. This candy is made to go fizzy in the mouth as you chew and comes with an exclusive, collectable Pokemon quiz or stickers of much loved characters from the Pokemon series.

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