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These amazing twists will put your tongue into a tailspin! Juicy Twist has been making lovely licorice confections for decades. That's because you will have swirl after swirl of bright, fruity taste in a rainbow of colors and flavors to try. Juicy twist have been a classic favorite ever since they started with just red and black twists. We still love the classic red and black, but who doesn't love more options? Try some today.

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Juicy Twist Lemon Lime Sour Bites

Juicy Twists
141 g
DKK18.71 DKK24.95
Made with real fruit juice and a sour twist - the perfect combination of fruit candy and sour candy - all in one candy! Deliciously sour bites of chewy lemon lime licorice with a juicy tasting center. These tasty lemon and lime candies are made with real fruit juice with a sour twist!

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