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Beer Nuts Original Peanuts Beer Nuts Original Peanuts 2
Crisps & Snacks

Beer Nuts Original Peanuts

35 g
Take the sweet and salty secret recipe. Add a glass of cold suds. Like every superhero duo, BEER NUTS Original Peanuts and your favorite brew are a dynamic team. Taste a handful of Beer Nuts Original Peanuts and you too will appreciate what makes these unique sweet and salty nuts the passion of serious snack lovers everywhere
Crisps & Snacks

Corn Nuts Original

113 g
Taste the real roasted corn kernels. Hear the ultimate crunch! Enjoy a true corn snack experience. Original Corn Nuts is about as authentic as a snack can get. With real corn kernels and real corn flavor, the only way we could cram more corn into Corn Nuts would be by using the husks as packaging. And don't think we're not working on that!

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