Explore an amazing assortment of American, English and Japanese lollipops in all flavours and colors. At iKiosk, we have a huge range of lollipops includes some of the favourite brands such as Charms, Jolly Rancher, Swizzels, Blow Pop and much more.

Sweet 'N Sour Pops come in 5 bursting flavors! Sweet Strawberry 'N Sour Lemonade, Sweet Cherry 'N Sour Green Apple, Sweet Blue Razz Berry 'N Sour Watermelon, Sweet Pineapple 'N Sour Grapefruit, and Sweet Mango 'N Sour Tangerine!
Discover for yourself the amazing flavors packed into these Jelly Belly Lollipops featuring a unique jelly bean shape! Fans of Jelly Belly will love the taste of these fruity lollipops. Jelly Belly lollipop assortment includes classic flavors like Bubble Gum, Very Cherry, Berry Blue, Green Apple, Grape and Tangerine
The Ginormous Gummi Bear is almost 100 times larger than the average Gummi Bear! Two yummy flavors in each Ginormous Gummi Bear include Strawberry and Blue Raspberry in one! Imagine a massive 227g gummi bear on a lollipop type stick!
Chupa Chups, the king of lollipops bring you a new fiendish Sour Infernals range of lollipops. Try the lollipop if you dare!! Assorted flavour sour lollipops. Lemon, Strawberry, Cola and Apple.
Smarties Mega Double Lollies bring you the delicious fruity flavors of Smarties in lollipop form. Convenient for eating on the go, Smarties lollipops are great for gift bags, holiday candy or special everyday treats.
Chupa Chups Surprise PJ Masks 12 g Chupa Chups Surprise PJ Masks 12 g 2
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    The latest limited edition Surprise range comes in 12 collectible figurines, complete with favourite characters - Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, Conner, Amaya, Greg, Romeo, Lunar Girl and Night Ninja. Get yours now before they are sold out!
    Lovers of old-fashioned caramel lollipops will adore Slap Stix Caramel Pops. Slap Stix caramel lollipops still feature soft, milky caramel wrapped around a delicious banana swirl nougat center. Treat your children (or grandchildren) to the joy of leisurely savoring these retro suckers just like you did as a child. Lollipops perfect for sharing.
    Loved by generations, the Chupa Chups Melody Pops are not only a tasty strawberry lollipop, but also a musical instrument. A genius of a sweet. Treat your family with this Strawberry flavoured lollipop Whistle. Strawberry flavoured lollipops that you can play real music with!
    Individually wrapped skull double flavour lollies. Amazing Strawberry/Lime flavour taste that blows your mind! Lollies are approx 10cm long including stick, and weigh approx 15g each. Perfect for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas stockings and party bags
    Lollipop with Bubble Gum Centre. If one flavour just doesn't do it for you, then you can't go wrong with these XXL Chupa Chups! Cola and Apple flavor in 2 separate layers. Almost 3 times the size of regular Chupa Chups lollipops. These triple threat treats won't stick around for long, so hurry in and grab a lollipop today!

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