Kids Sweets

Our selection of Kids Sweet such as Chewing Gum, Lollipops, Cotton Candy, Powder & Spray Candy are full to the bring with sweets for kids. Kids love to try more varied flavoured products such as the seriously sour Toxic Waste range of sweets and the sweet Blow Pop lollipops.

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Necco Stark Slapstick Caramel Pops 19 g Necco Stark Slapstick Caramel Pops 19 g 2
Lovers of old-fashioned caramel lollipops will adore Slap Stix Caramel Pops. Slap Stix caramel lollipops still feature soft, milky caramel wrapped around a delicious banana swirl nougat center. Treat your children (or grandchildren) to the joy of leisurely savoring these retro suckers just like you did as a child. Lollipops perfect for sharing.

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