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Just like any other country, in Japan people love chocolate. We stock exclusive Japanese Kit Kat flavors, Meiji chocolate and other Japanese chocolate candies. Japanese chocolate is world famous for its high quality and countless flavors. Check out some examples below!

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  • Coris Chocolate Banana Dip Coris Chocolate Banana Dip
    Coris Chocolate Banana Dip
    36 g

    An original kit from Coris where you create cute mini decorated chocolate banana candies. This is a do-it-yourself set to make your own chocolate banana candy. Dip them into the chocolate sauce and then add colorful sprinkles. The package includes 6 banana candies and all the necessary ingredients, tools and instructions. This set is great fun for...

    24,95 DKK
  • Kit Kat Strawberry Kit Kat Strawberry
    Kit Kat Strawberry
    12 Pack - 135 g

    Small strawberry pieces are kneaded in strawberry flavored biscuits, for a luxuriously flavored strawberry taste. Tart with little bits of strawberries, this Kit Kat packs a punch with its strong strawberry flavor. Reminiscent of a fresh-picked strawberry, it will make you fall in love.

    89,95 DKK
  • LOTTE Crunky Matcha Green Tea
    LOTTE Crunky Matcha Green Tea
    32 g

    This variety of one of Japan's favourite chocolate lines comes in little, bite-size, individual pieces, with each piece consisting of matcha green tea flavoured chocolate mixed with crispy malt puffs and coated in lotte's trademark milk chocolate. They have a milk chocolate coating with a load of matcha (green tea) chocolate and crunchy rice puffs...

    24,95 DKK
  • Hi-Chew Acai Hi-Chew Acai
    Hi-Chew Acai
    50 g

    Enjoy a flavor-cation with the launch of new HI-CHEW. New HI-CHEW Açaí delivers just the right amount of flavor with real chia seeds. The açaí berry, high in antioxidants, is known for its superfood properties and refreshingly delicious fruit flavor. Each Açaí stick comes with 10 individually wrapped chews, giving fans a great way to enjoy this popular...

    15,95 DKK
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