Japanese Biscuits

Now you too can enjoy Japanese snack and create some memories of your own right here at iKiosk. We have full of delicious Japanese biscuits from popular brands like Glico Pocky, Pretz, Lotte and Meiji. If you love Chocolate Snacks, then you may also like Pocky & Pretz. They're our best sellers! Treat yourself to these delicious biscuits from Japanese snack.

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Pocky Banana Choco 25 g Pocky Banana Choco 25 g 2
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    Pocky Banana Choco

    25 g
    Two delicious flavors combine into one sweet snack. Pairing the light crunch of a chocolate cookie stick with a smooth banana-flavored cream, Chocolate Banana Pocky is the perfect pick-me-up to brighten your day... or a friend's day! It's a no-mess Pocky stick packed with fruity flavor and chocolatey goodness.

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