Extreme candy

Extreme candy for the extreme candy lover! Do you have a liking for candy that is not the same as all the others? If so then shop this list of extreme and gross candy products. Your eyes may be drawn right to the Hotlix line of products that contain real crickets, scorpions, ants and worms. Whatever you like, be sure to share with a friend.

Touch Down Jawbreaker 95 g Touch Down Jawbreaker 95 g 2
    In stock
    Fun plastic helmets stuffed with sour giant jawbreakers. The Touchdown Jawbreaker Candy is here to bring a little football fun back to your kid’s days and even into your summer celebrations! A plastic football helmet stuffed with a giant sour jawbreaker! Try tackling these massive jawbreakers or, even better lick them down
    Ginormous Gummi Bear on a Stick 227 g Ginormous Gummi Bear on a Stick 227 g 2
      In stock
      The Ginormous Gummi Bear is almost 100 times larger than the average Gummi Bear! Two yummy flavors in each Ginormous Gummi Bear include Strawberry and Blue Raspberry in one! Imagine a massive 227g gummi bear on a lollipop type stick!

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