Never tried American or British drinks before? You’re in for a proper treat. Try our wide range of different but delicious drinks and here at iKiosk. Our range includes Mountain Dew, Kool-Aid, Coca Cola, Vimto, Irn Bru, Dr Pepper, A&W, Pepsi, Gatorade, Pokka, Monster energy, Fanta and much much more! 

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Rubicon Pomegranate 330 ml

Rubicon Pomegranate

330 ml
Rubicon Sparkling Pomegranate Juice Drink is created using the real fruit of the best pomegranates from Turkey. Refreshing, delicious and lightly carbonated! Rubicon make sure that only the finest fruits make it into the drinks. For deliciously enticing flavours overflowing with the exotic (not literally).

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