Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is one of the most popular sweet treats at carnivals, sporting events, more and entertainment venues across the country. Try a bag of American or British Cotton Candy today and see what you think.

Crazy Candy Factory Candy Floss Cups 20 g
Crazy Candy Factory Candy Floss is delicious raspberry and strawberry flavoured spun sugar packaged in 20g cups. Perfect for parties, these candy floss cups can also be added to cocktails and drinks!
Dr Pepper Cotton Candy 88 g

Dr Pepper Cotton Candy

Dr Pepper
88 g
Your favorite fluffy and delicious treat, now in your most favorite soda flavor! Colored cotton candy flavored with the sweet and satisfying flavor of Dr. Pepper. Cotton candy imbued with the famous 23 flavors of the popular soda.
Charms Fluffy Stuff Candy Floss 71 g Charms Fluffy Stuff Candy Floss 71 g 2

Charms Fluffy Stuff Candy Floss

71 g
Enjoy county fair, cotton candy fun whenever the mood strikes with Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, stay-fresh bags of tasty, fruit-flavored, pillowy goodness.

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