Chewing Gum

A fabulous array of Gums all the way from America, England and Japan! We've got all sorts of Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum in stock! iKiosk offers great-tasting bubble gum in outrageous flavors and exciting product forms. Try Hubba bubba, Trident, Wrigleys, Extra, Big League Chew, Dubble Bubble, Bubblicious and more!

Toxic Waste Goop Gum 58 g Toxic Waste Goop Gum 58 g 2

Toxic Waste Goop Gum

Toxic Waste
58 g
Goop gum is the highly radioactive and freshly hazardous new member of the Toxic Waste family. 4 pieces of deliciously sour gum with a super sour green liquid candy center. This Goop Gum from Toxic Waste adds a new twist to classic chewing gum! You'll find a mouth-puckering, tongue-tingling, mind-blowing surprise inside!

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