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We stock many of the most notable, well-known and popular candy sold in Australia. Try Bundaberg, Cadbury, lemon & paeroa & Tim Tams! All your favourite Australian confectionery conveniently sorted into an Aussie category.

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  • Arnott's Tim Tam Dark Arnott's Tim Tam Dark
    Arnott's Tim Tam Dark
    200 g

    Two chocolate biscuits separated by a light chocolate filling, wrapped in dark chocolate. Chocolate heaven!

    44,95 DKK
  • Cadbury Chocolate Fish Cadbury Chocolate Fish
    Cadbury Chocolate Fish
    20 g

    When our chocolatiers heard rumours of a fish made from pink marshmallow wrapped in rich dark chocolate, they immediately set out to find it. And find it they did, although they won’t say where. But we don’t really mind because now we get to enjoy all the pink chocolately goodness.

    9,95 DKK
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  • Cadbury Jaffas Cadbury Jaffas
    Cadbury Jaffas
    180 g

    Only our most senior confectioners are entrusted with the sacred task of creating this classic Kiwi favourite. Cadbury Jaffas are a perfect sphere of choc-orange Kiwi goodness that’s ideal for rolling around your mouth (or down the aisle).

    22,48 DKK 44,95 DKK -50%
  • Pineapple Lumps Pineapple Lumps
    Pineapple Lumps
    165 g

    Back in 1935 who would have though a goofy flavour combination of pineapple and chocolate could work brilliantly? Kiwis did, and a good job too. That's why our Pineapple Lumps lolly is a natural treasure.

    44,95 DKK
  • Nestle Peppermint Crisp Nestle Peppermint Crisp
    Nestle Peppermint Crisp
    35 g

    Nestlé Peppermint Crisp Chocolate is minty, with a smooth milk chocolate coating. Great on its own, or smashed up over a tart or bowl of ice-cream!

    19,95 DKK
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  • Cadbury Strawberry Freddo Cadbury Strawberry Freddo
    Cadbury Strawberry Freddo
    15 g

    Created over 80 years ago, Freddo is still one of Australia’s most popular children’s chocolates. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate with a soft strawberry flavoured centre. With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate filled with a strawberry flavoured centre, your mouth will explode from the sweet flavour. These delicious treat size chocs are great to share around with...

    9,95 DKK
  • Allens Milko Sticks
    Allens Milko Sticks
    12.5 g

    A classic favourite, this milk flavoured chewy treat is sure to be a winner ! It's that sticky sweet deliciousness of condensed milk in little bite sized pieces.

    4,95 DKK
  • Cadbury Moro Bar
    Cadbury Moro Bar
    60 g

    Only the bravest chocolatiers dare eating The Moro chamber. To make a Moro bar, first you must wrestle and whip the nougat into submission, then win a tug of war with the caramel, before you seal it all in a chunky cage of Cadbury milk chocolate. That’s why a Moro is packed full with more delicious satisfaction than any other bar. 

    9,98 DKK 19,95 DKK -50%
  • Europe Summer Roll
    Europe Summer Roll
    40 g

    Take nougat, lightly roasted peanuts, coconut flakes and wrap it all in dreamy milk chocolate and you have something delicious – but now pass it through a ray of pure sunshine and beach holidays then you’ve got what can only be truly called a Summer Roll! Lightly roasted peanuts and chewy nougat, covered in milk chocolate and sprinkled with coconut....

    19,95 DKK
  • Zappo Grape
    Zappo Grape
    26 g

    Crown Zappo Sour Grape Flavour Chews contains no natural colours. Grape flavoured Zappo. There are 7 chewy Zappos in each packet. Kids absolutely love these. A popular favourite, chewy grape Zappos are seriously addictive!

    9,95 DKK
  • Passiona
    375 ml

    Passiona is an Australian passionfruit-flavoured soft drink currently manufactured by Schweppes Australia. Developed initially as a cordial syrup to reduce an over supply of passionfruit pulp, this drink was carbonated in 1920 to make an instant classic, passionfruit flavoured soda drink, Passiona

    14,95 DKK
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